Premiere Waitings

 Pre-Premiere Waiting Viewers
• Fast START
• 5000 Unique Automated Passive Waiting Pre-Premiere Viewers
• will stay and wait for 1 hour!
• Windows Desktop & Mobile Watch Page Waiting Viewers
• World-Wide Viewers
• Must be Unrestricted & Open for ALL countries
• Avg Concurrent waiting on Pre-Premiere content 500-1000+ waiting viewers
• Cancel any Time with Full/Partial Refund
• Over-Delivery Guaranteed
• views can be send to embed disabled Pre-Premiere videos

* Service offered as is with no refill/refund guarantee!
** note that the Pre-Premiere Waiting viewers will NOT turn into viewers  if the premiere/live broadcast will start during the campaign  time-frame. (those waiting viewers will not registered as livestream  viewers or as YouTube views or anywhere on the YouTube studio  analytics!) 

5000 Premiere Waitings